Overall, having seventeen years of experience Amar have gradually evolved as a Corporate Trainer, with sound IT knowledge.

His international professional journey started with WestLB Systems, Tokyo, Japan in 2001 and thereafter he spearheaded with other major MNC’s like Hewlett-Packard and Lehman Brothers. His energetic and self-motivated attitude makes him a valuable asset to the global team for very big IT related projects.

While working, he visited many countries like France, England and Hong Kong and got chance to meet with many varieties of people and re-discovered the extra-ordinary capacity of choosing their response to a particular event or situations. With realization of the need to spread this message further than just the few people he sees in the office, in 2008, Amar banished his Corporate Life in favour of his passion towards Training.

Amar’s interest lies in the science of human behavior and how to build better habits; why people behave in ways that don’t appear to be beneficial to themselves or to their businesses.

SUCCESS SADHANA, one of his training's based on the Newton’s Laws of Motion, known for its practical and real life applications to corporations, institutions and individuals.

Profile Highlights :
• Cultural transformation
• Team Building
• Sales Excellence
• Business Trainings
• Campus To Corporate
• Leadership
• Personal Productivity
• Skill Building
• Train The Trainer

Other Assignments :
• Chief Project Officer at Density Society for Women's Entrepreneurship Development programme in association with CapAnalec and UNDP.
• Mentor at Centre for Innovation (CIVN) hosted by Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT) Nagpur.
• Student Mentorship Program to help students enhance their know-how about how to build career in any organization.
• Keynote Speaker and Trainer at Regional Training Centre (RTC), Water Resources (Irrigation) Department Office,Nagpur and at INstitute of Training and Research in Concentration (INTRIC)
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